2 Who is the Soul?

Who is this Soul?

The story is about a soul, living a life, as it was told to live by society, the outer world or the materialistic worldview it grew up. On the job, blessed with good education and language skills, the soul, writing these words was chasing materialistic welfare for 17 years, pursuing a career in the Swiss Wealth Management Industry.

Off the job it was seeking fulfillment and thrills through adventures and extensive travels, looking for joy in deep corners of the electronic music scenes around the world, hand in hand with sex and intense use of recreational substances. “Living it”, as some in this world would say. It ended up living in the tropics as an expat, in the middle of a growing and bustling Panama City.

The chosen career and life path although got altered when Panama Papers got on the world stage and at the same time all the worldly pleasures were more and more insufficient to continue nurturing this longing soul. Excesses became normal. Moral standards were more and more shifted towards levels a loving and caring mother would not be happy about.Without any particular meaning besides looking for pleasures, this soul wandered restless through this world without being able to find peace or joy. Withoutbeing able to truly love, this soul left more damage behind than good with itself and with others.

Don’t get me wrong here. Although externally this soul appeared to be living a good life, stable and accepted by society, it was living a lie. This soul looked very different in the inside than it appeared from the outside. Inside it was dark. This is something to be said only with complete honesty towards itself. The heart of stone belonging to this soul needed to become flesh desperately. It called out for help. And the heart became flesh.    It heard about the gospel of Grace. And everything changed.


3 what was Casa Selva? ART here



What was Casa Selva. ART HAS To be showed here. With texts.

4 Fundament

una noche inesperada

every now and then life brings people together. people from different places of the world, different believes and different backgrounds. sometimes magic just happens. una noche magica from CASA SELVA on Vimeo.