towerbank series

crushed by money

money can weigh heavy on us. it can crush us. the burden might get to heavy. a mortgage can get too heavy.  debts. do you remember the subprime crisis?



bloody money. no further comment.


following the money

humans act  because of money. we follow the money. we smell it. we can be motivated with money. Bonuses are being promised. Money buys us. What is the importance of money in your life?


“throwing money from the top of the tower” and “now what?”

throwing money

too much money? let s through it off. lets spend it. with 10000 dollars you belong to the 20%richest of the world.

now what

business man working and working. every year new goals, new targets. share prices need to raise. shareholders need dividend. we need to buy a house. our children need better schools. we need more and more. suddenly we are at the top. now where to ? is there an end ? maybe US president would be a good idea?ultimate seat of power in this world?

painting “frijol”

this painting was made in honour to an unforgettable visit from a dear friend of casa selva . the painting’s details reflects his journey to panama where we all together experienced a wonderful time. at the moment the painting is travelling to his house in haarlem, where his cat “frijol” soon will be looking at it.